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Brian R Kent Science and Computing with - psk-fundament.ru

Brian R Kent Science and Computing with Raspberry Pi

The world of single-board computing puts powerful coding tools in the palm of your hand. The portable Raspberry Pi computing platform with the power of Linux yields an exciting exploratory tool for beginning scientific computing. Science and Computing with Raspberry Pi takes the enterprising researcher, student, or hobbyist through explorations in a variety of computing exercises with the physical sciences. The book has tutorials and exercises for a wide range of scientific computing problems while guiding the user through: * Configuring your Raspberry Pi and Linux operating system * Understanding the software requirements while using the Pi for scientific computing * Computing exercises in physics, astronomy, chaos theory, and machine learning

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Brian Joseph Gillespie A Guide to R for Social and Behavioral Science Statistics

A Guide to R for Social and Behavioral Science Statistics  is a short, accessible book for learning R, geared toward social and behavioral science students. Instructors Brian Gillespie, Kathleen Hibbert, and William E. Wagner, III, have combined a review of introductory statistics with an introduction to R to teach readers two of the most valuable skills for research and in the workplace. Designed for readers with no knowledge of statistics or R,  A Guide to R for Social and Behavioral Science Statistics  follows the most common progression of statistics, starting with basic descriptive statistics, and continuing up through inferential statistics and regression. This text provides step-by-step instructions for working with R, starting with downloading and installing R and RStudio®, featuring code and output so readers can follow along with each step. Readers can apply their knowledge with examples and exercises featuring data from the General Social Survey in each chapter. Tips on R show users how to avoid common pitfalls in R and most efficiently use the RStudio interface. With frequent reminders of statistical concepts to accompany instructions and tips in R, this text helps readers master R for statistics in the social and behavioral sciences.

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Brian R. Kent SMath for Physics

Brian R. Kent 3D Scientific Visualization with Blender

This is the first book written on using Blender (an open-source visualization suite widely used in the entertainment and gaming industries) for scientific visualization. It is a practical and interesting introduction to Blender for understanding key parts

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Kate Bradley 101 Inclusive and SEN Science and Computing Lessons

Create an inclusive classroom with these fun and accessible activities for science and computing lessons. Each lesson is tailored to objectives for children working below National Curriculum levels and includes a learning objective, the resources needed, the main activity, a plenary and a consolidation activity to support children's understanding and engagement. When working with children, and especially those with SEN, lessons need to meet their interests as well as their needs by containing visual stimulus and promoting fine and gross motor skills. The activities in this book have been specifically designed with this in mind. Straightforward and practical, it offers 101 creative classroom activities for teaching Science and Computing to pupils who are working below national curriculum levels, as well as mapping the range of additional skills they will acquire.

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Группа авторов Probability with R

A Complete Introduction to probability AND its computer Science Applications USING R Probability with R serves as a comprehensive and introductory book on probability with an emphasis on computing-related applications. Real examples show how probability can be used in practical situations, and the freely available and downloadable statistical programming language R illustrates and clarifies the book's main principles. Promoting a simulation- and experimentation-driven methodology, this book highlights the relationship between probability and computing in five distinctive parts: The R Language presents the essentials of the R language, including key procedures for summarizing and building graphical displays of statistical data. Fundamentals of Probability provides the foundations of the basic concepts of probability and moves into applications in computing. Topical coverage includes conditional probability, Bayes' theorem, system reliability, and the development of the main laws and properties of probability. Discrete Distributions addresses discrete random variables and their density and distribution functions as well as the properties of expectation. The geometric, binomial, hypergeometric, and Poisson distributions are also discussed and used to develop sampling inspection schemes. Continuous Distributions introduces continuous variables by examining the waiting time between Poisson occurrences. The exponential distribution and its applications to reliability are investigated, and the Markov property is illustrated via simulation in R. The normal distribution is examined and applied to statistical process control. Tailing Off delves into the use of Markov and Chebyshev inequalities as tools for estimating tail probabilities with limited information on the random variable. Numerous exercises and projects are provided in each chapter, many of which require the use of R to perform routine calculations and conduct experiments with simulated data. The author directs readers to the appropriate Web-based resources for installing the R software package and also supplies the essential commands for working in the R workspace. A related Web site features an active appendix as well as a forum for readers to share findings, thoughts, and ideas. With its accessible and hands-on approach, Probability with R is an ideal book for a first course in probability at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels for readers with a background in computer science, engineering, and the general sciences. It also serves as a valuable reference for computing professionals who would like to further understand the relevance of probability in their areas of practice.

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Hafiz Md. Hasan Babu Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is an emerging technology with the potential to have a significant impact on science and society. Recent advances in mathematics, material science and computer engineering are transforming quantum computing from theory into practice. As quantum computing is an entirely different concept compared to classical computing, it is necessary to develop a new way of thinking to establish the new technologies for the current quantum revolution. This book is an essential resource for students and active researchers where the readers are introduced to quantum computing and quantum logic, fault tolerant quantum computing and quantum dot cellular automata (QCA).

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Ajay Ohri Python for R Users. A Data Science Approach

The definitive guide for statisticians and data scientists who understand the advantages of becoming proficient in both R and Python The first book of its kind, Python for R Users: A Data Science Approach makes it easy for R programmers to code in Python and Python users to program in R. Short on theory and long on actionable analytics, it provides readers with a detailed comparative introduction and overview of both languages and features concise tutorials with command-by-command translations—complete with sample code—of R to Python and Python to R. Following an introduction to both languages, the author cuts to the chase with step-by-step coverage of the full range of pertinent programming features and functions, including data input, data inspection/data quality, data analysis, and data visualization. Statistical modeling, machine learning, and data mining—including supervised and unsupervised data mining methods—are treated in detail, as are time series forecasting, text mining, and natural language processing. • Features a quick-learning format with concise tutorials and actionable analytics • Provides command-by-command translations of R to Python and vice versa • Incorporates Python and R code throughout to make it easier for readers to compare and contrast features in both languages • Offers numerous comparative examples and applications in both programming languages • Designed for use for practitioners and students that know one language and want to learn the other • Supplies slides useful for teaching and learning either software on a companion website Python for R Users: A Data Science Approach is a valuable working resource for computer scientists and data scientists that know R and would like to learn Python or are familiar with Python and want to learn R. It also functions as textbook for students of computer science and statistics. A. Ohri is the founder of Decisionstats.com and currently works as a senior data scientist. He has advised multiple startups in analytics off-shoring, analytics services, and analytics education, as well as using social media to enhance buzz for analytics products. Mr. Ohri's research interests include spreading open source analytics, analyzing social media manipulation with mechanism design, simpler interfaces for cloud computing, investigating climate change and knowledge flows. His other books include R for Business Analytics and R for Cloud Computing.

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Jane M. Horgan Probability with R

Provides a comprehensive introduction to probability with an emphasis on computing-related applications This self-contained new and extended edition outlines a first course in probability applied to computer-related disciplines. As in the first edition, experimentation and simulation are favoured over mathematical proofs. The freely down-loadable statistical programming language R is used throughout the text, not only as a tool for calculation and data analysis, but also to illustrate concepts of probability and to simulate distributions. The examples in Probability with R: An Introduction with Computer Science Applications, Second Edition cover a wide range of computer science applications, including: testing program performance; measuring response time and CPU time; estimating the reliability of components and systems; evaluating algorithms and queuing systems. Chapters cover: The R language; summarizing statistical data; graphical displays; the fundamentals of probability; reliability; discrete and continuous distributions; and more. This second edition includes: improved R code throughout the text, as well as new procedures, packages and interfaces; updated and additional examples, exercises and projects covering recent developments of computing; an introduction to bivariate discrete distributions together with the R functions used to handle large matrices of conditional probabilities, which are often needed in machine translation; an introduction to linear regression with particular emphasis on its application to machine learning using testing and training data; a new section on spam filtering using Bayes theorem to develop the filters; an extended range of Poisson applications such as network failures, website hits, virus attacks and accessing the cloud; use of new allocation functions in R to deal with hash table collision, server overload and the general allocation problem. The book is supplemented with a Wiley Book Companion Site featuring data and solutions to exercises within the book. Primarily addressed to students of computer science and related areas, Probability with R: An Introduction with Computer Science Applications, Second Edition is also an excellent text for students of engineering and the general sciences. Computing professionals who need to understand the relevance of probability in their areas of practice will find it useful.

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Vladimir Safonov O. Trustworthy Cloud Computing

Introduces the topic of cloud computing with an emphasis on the trustworthiness of cloud computing systems and services This book describes the scientific basis of cloud computing, explaining the ideas, principles, and architectures of cloud computing as well the different types of clouds and the services they provide. The text reviews several cloud computing platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Oracle, Google, HP, IBM, Salesforce, and Kaavo. The author addresses the problem of trustworthiness in cloud computing and provides methods to improve the security and privacy of cloud applications. The end-of-chapter exercises and supplementary material on the book's companion website will allow readers to grasp the introductory and advanced level concepts of cloud computing. Examines cloud computing platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Oracle, Google, HP, IBM, Salesforce, and Kaavo Analyzes the use of aspect-oriented programming (AOP) for refactoring cloud services and improving the security and privacy of cloud applications Contains practical examples of cloud computing, test questions, and end-of-chapter exercises Includes presentations, examples of cloud projects and other teaching resources at the author’s website (http://www.vladimirsafonov.org/cloud) Trustworthy Cloud Computing is written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in computer science, data science, and computer engineering as well as software engineers, system architects, system managers, and software developers new to cloud computing.

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Dr. Brian R. Kent - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

As a scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), I study the dynamics of galaxies in the Universe by using a variety of telescopes. I use the 305-m Arecibo, 100-m Green Bank, Very Large Array radio telescopes (above), IRAM 30-meter, and Palomar Hale Telescope to study the dynamics of these galaxies near and far.

Brian R Kent (Author of 3D Scientific Visualization with ...

Brian R Kent is the author of 3D Scientific Visualization with Blender (3.00 avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published 2014), Smath for Physics (0.0 avg...

3D Scientific Visualization with Blender by Brian R. Kent ...

Toggle navigation 3D Scientific Visualization with Blender by Brian R. Kent. About the Author; The Book; Tutorials; An Introduction to 3D Graphics and Visualization for the Sciences 3D Panoramic Video Demonstration. New Book (Available on Amazon) 3D Scientific Visualization with Blender is aimed at researchers and students who wants to take their data visualization to the next level. This book ...

ALFALFA OBSERVATIONS Brian R. Kent, Cornell University

Brian R. Kent, Cornell UniversityBrian R. Kent, Cornell University Riccardo Giovanelli, Martha P. Haynes, Am élie Saintonge, Sabrina Stierwalt (Cornell University) Barbara Catinella, Emmanuel Momjian (NAIC), Noah Brosch (Wise Obs.) ABSTRACT G. Lyle Hoffman (Lafayette), Jessica L. Rosenberg (CfA) The extragalactic HI ALFALFA survey (Giovanelli 2005a and astro-ph/0508301) will map 900 square ...

Brian Kent - Data Administrator - Vanguard | LinkedIn

Brian Kent Head of Data Science and Machine Learning at Credit Sesame San Francisco Bay Area; Brian Kent Business Owner at Sebastians Collectibles Houston, Texas Area; Brian Kent National Director ...

Kent Brian R. Science and Computing with Raspberry Pi ...

Kent Brian R. Science and Computing with Raspberry Pi. Файл формата zip; размером 2,87 МБ ; содержит документ формата mobi; Добавлен пользователем watersmith@i.ua. 13.07.2018 18:43; Отредактирован 14.07.2018 07:35; Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2018. — 127 p. The world of single-board computing puts powerful ...

Radar Technology Expert Dr. Brian Kent joins Applied ...

Brian Kent, Senior Scientist and Science and Technology Lead for electromagnetic (EM), radio frequency (RF) and Sensing Systems Dr. Brian M. Kent, internationally recognized scientific expert in radar technology, has joined Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) as Senior Scientist and Science and Technology Lead for electromagnetic (EM), radio frequency (RF) and Sensing Systems.

Brian Kent - Official Site

About Brian; Music; Videos; Gallery; Tour; News; Contact “Just Say Yes” Release June 21st. NEW PODCAST! NEW SONG!! Pride season is here, and Stephen Massey and Toy Armada are celebrating with an all-new extended podcast full of uplifting summer anthems and reimagined dance classics! I’m. Read more. Brian joins Amazon Music! Check out Brian’s new Amazon Music Page HERE. Read more. Check ...

Kliktopia - Details for FLIPZO by Brian R. Kent / ÆNIGMA GAMES

by Brian R. Kent / ÆNIGMA GAMES: Details | Download (1 MB) Navigation: Home | Latest | #A-C | D-G | H-L | M-P | Q-S | T-Z | Authors | KNP | TGF | Fusion | UPLOAD. Please note: Games and third-party websites linked to from this website have not been assessed to determine whether or not they are child friendly, so parental discretion is advised. These files are used and websites are visited ...

Brian M. Kent - Senior Scientist and S&T Lead, EM, RF and ...

View Brian M. Kent’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Brian M. has 6 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Brian M.’s ...

Science and Computing With Raspberry Pi, Paperback by Kent ...

item 1 Science and Computing With Raspberry Pi, Paperback by Kent, Brian R., Ph.D., ... 1 - Science and Computing With Raspberry Pi, Paperback by Kent, Brian R., Ph.D., ... AU $57.11 +AU $21.99 postage. item 2 Computing with the Raspberry Pi: Command Line and GUI Linux by Brian Schell. 2 - Computing with the Raspberry Pi: Command Line and GUI Linux by Brian Schell. AU $47.60. About this item ...

3D Scientific Visualization with Blender® - Book - IOPscience

Dr Brian R Kent is a scientist with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, Virginia. His publications and studies in astrophysics and computing include scientific visualizations of a variety of theoretical and observational phenomena. He is interested in visualizing data for scientific analysis as well as reaching a broad audience with the stunning visuals that modern 3D ...

Brian Kent - People Directory - 192.com

We have found at least 200 people in the UK with the name Brian Kent. Click here to find personal data about Brian Kent including phone numbers, addresses, directorships, electoral roll information, related property prices and other useful information.

Brianne A Kent

Dr. Brianne Kent's personal website. Dr. Kent is a Canadian neuroscientist researching Alzheimer's disease, sleep, and circadian rhythms. She is an open science advocate and Chair of the Early Career Advisory Group at eLife.

Kliktopia - Details for Othello 2000 by Brian R. Kent ...

by Brian R. Kent / ÆNIGMA GAMES: Details | Download (1 MB) SOKOBAN 2K by Brian R. Kent / ÆNIGMA GAMES: Details | Download (1 MB) Navigation: Home | Latest | #A-C | D-G | H-L | M-P | Q-S | T-Z | Sonic | Authors | KNP | TGF | Fusion | UPLOAD. Please note: Games and third-party websites linked to from this website have not been assessed to determine whether or not they are child friendly, so ...

IOPP: Title Detail: 3D Scientific Visualization with ...

Series in Wave Phenomena in the Physical Sciences; Home; 3D Scientific Visualization with Blender® Preview PDF ; Order Inspection Copy ; Request permission to reuse content from this book ; Other Services. Subscriber? Read this book on IOPscience; Recommend to Library × Close. Paperback $35.00. Ebook i $20.00. Add to Cart 3D Scientific Visualization with Blender® Brian R Kent. April 2014 ...

Brian KENT | Medical Doctor | St. James's Hospital, Dublin ...

Brian KENT, Medical Doctor of St. James's Hospital, Dublin (St James Hospital) | Read 118 publications | Contact Brian KENT

Brian Heard (R), 29 - Kent, OH Has Court or Arrest Records ...

FREE Background Report. Check Reputation Score for Brian Heard in Kent, OH - View Criminal & Court Records | Photos | Address, Email & Phone Number | Personal Review | Income & Net Worth

Brian Keating

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, astrophysicist and cosmologist Brian Keating, Ph.D., talks about the high-pressure world of science. This Week in Science Podcast - Episode 708 By Brian G. Keating February 13, 2019

@briandkent | Twitter

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200+ "Brian Kent" profiles | LinkedIn

View the profiles of professionals named "Brian Kent" on LinkedIn. There are 200+ professionals named "Brian Kent", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities.

Brian Kent - Executive Chairman/MD/Dedicated ACTIVIST ...

View Brian Kent’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Brian has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Brian’s connections and jobs at similar companies.

Data Scientist with R Track | DataCamp

Gain the career-building R skills you need to succeed as a data scientist. No prior coding experience required. In this track, you’ll learn how this versatile language allows you to import, clean, manipulate, and visualize data—all integral skills for any aspiring data professional or researcher. Through interactive exercises, you’ll get hands-on with some of the most popular R packages ...

Department of Plant Sciences - Eric R. Kent

Plant Sciences Orientation Materials; Plant Sciences Graduate Student Travel Award; Plant Sciences Teaching Assistantship (TA) Application (temporary link) Teaching Assistant (TA) Opportunities; Office of Graduate Studies; Graduate Financial Aid + Financial Aid General Information; Financial Aid - Internal Fellowships; Financial Aid - External ...

Brian Kent (R), 41 - Chicago, IL Background Report at ...

FREE Background Report. Check Reputation Score for Brian Kent in Chicago, IL - View Criminal & Court Records | Photos | Address, Email & Phone Number | Personal Review | $10 - $19,999 Income & Net Worth

Brian Kent - Posts | Facebook

Brian Kent. 5,300 likes · 1 talking about this. US Billboard and UK Music Week Recording Artist OFFICIAL

楽天Kobo電子書籍ストア: Science and Computing with Raspberry Pi ...

Science and Computing with Raspberry Pi - Brian R Kent - 楽天Koboなら漫画、小説、ビジネス書、ラノベなど電子書籍がスマホ、タブレット、パソコン用無料アプリで今すぐ読める。

Brian Kent - Phone, Address, Background info | Whitepages

The second best result is Brian Douglas Kent age 40s in Fort Lauderdale, FL in the North Andrews Garden neighborhood. They have also lived in Miami, FL. Brian is related to Cynthia J Hankins and Donald P Kent as well as 1 additional person. Select this result to view Brian Douglas Kent's phone number, address, and more.


Brian D. Kent M.D. Plastic Surgeon. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Board Certified, experienced care. By your Side from Consultation to Complete Recovery. SCHEDULE A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION. PLASTIC SURGEON TULSA - RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY TULSA, OKLAHOMA. If you’re looking to improve your appearance, perhaps to recover the body you used to have, Tulsa Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon ...

Brian Kent – Teamleiter Service & Support – LAMTEC Mess ...

Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Brian Kent auf LinkedIn an, dem weltweit größten beruflichen Netzwerk. 2 Jobs sind im Profil von Brian Kent aufgelistet. Sehen Sie sich auf LinkedIn das vollständige Profil an. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Kontakte von Brian Kent und über Jobs bei ähnlichen Unternehmen.

Science | The Guardian

Latest Science news, comment and analysis from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice

The Nature of Science in Science Education: An ...

After providing a definition of the nature of science (NOS) for science education, we argue that a pragmatic consensus exists regarding NOS topics most important for a scientifically literate society. Hence, NOS instruction should take a more prominent role in the science curriculum. While the relationship between a teacher's NOS knowledge and their pedagogical decision-making is not straight ...

Forensic Science - BSc (Hons) - University of Kent

Forensic Science at Kent was ranked 5th in The Complete University Guide 2021. In The Guardian University Guide 2020, over 94% of final-year Forensic Science students were satisfied with the overall quality of their course. Careers Graduate destinations. Forensic skills are used in a range of professions and industries, for instance at disaster scenes, within archaeology and in the food and ...

People | Kent State University

Street Address Aeronautics and Engineering Building, 1400 Lefton Esplanade, Kent, Ohio 44242 Mailing Address PO Box 5190 Kent, OH 44242-0001

Institute For Clinical Sciences And Research (Ics-R) LLC ...

Institute For Clinical Sciences And Research (Ics-R) LLC is an Ohio Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on September 28, 2010. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 1966605. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Gregory M. Shreve and is located at 167 North Prospect Street, Kent, OH 44240-2265.

Brian M. Kent | College of Engineering

March 25, 2015. Main Menu; Main Menu

Brian D. Betz | Department of Psychological Sciences ...

Brian D. Betz Department of Psychological Sciences | Faculty & Staff Directory. Close Faculty & Staff Directory Overview. Full-Time Faculty; Faculty Research Areas; Emeriti

Brian Kent - YouTube

Brian Kent LIVE at White Party Palm Springs 25 Tea Dance 2014 - Duration: 5 minutes, 38 seconds. Shane Stiel. 329 views; 6 years ago; 4:15. Anthem T-Dance - Brian Kent performance - Aug 19, 2012 ...

Brian Kent Profiles | Facebook

View the profiles of people named Brian Kent. Join Facebook to connect with Brian Kent and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share...

Biomedical Science - BSc (Hons) - University of Kent

Biomedical Science student Timo talks about his course at the University of Kent. Sandwich year . You can choose to take a work placement as part of your degree. For more details, see Biomedical Science with a Sandwich Year. Year abroad. You can choose to work or study abroad for a year. You are taught in English and previous destinations include universities in the US, Canada, Europe, Hong ...

Dr. Brian Kent, MD | Tulsa, OK | Healthgrades

Dr. Brian D. Kent began practicing in Orange County, California in 1987. Since then he has been treating patients in private practice and has served as a consultant at the Breast Care Center of Orange County and the Wound Care Center of Orange. A native Southern Californian, Dr. Kent attended the University of California at Los Angeles, graduating magna cum laude. He attended Bowman Gray ...

Professor Brian R Cheffins | Faculty of Law

"Law, the Market and Corporate Enterprise: The Case of the Industrial Revolution" (with John Armour and Jennifer Payne), Rationality in Company Law: Essays in Honour of DD Prentice (2009) (Hart Publishing, 2009), pp. 297-318

Brian BARBER | Ph.D. | Kent State University, OH | KSU ...

Brian R. Barber Special education in the USA is, in most respects, a 20th century phenomenon and is now governed primarily by federal legislation first enacted in 1975.

Brian Kent - None - None | XING

Berufserfahrung, Kontaktdaten, Portfolio und weitere Infos: Erfahr mehr – oder kontaktier Brian Kent direkt bei XING.

Books by Michael Kent

List of books by Michael Kent stored on this site. Books listed by ISBN. Michael Kent. title media type ISBN-13 year of publica- tion other author(s) A2 Biology for AQA Student Book: Paperback: 978-0-19-915270-4: 2009: Advanced Biology " 978-0-19-839290-3: 2013: Advanced Biology " 978-0-19-914195-1: 2000: ANGLAIS AMERICAIN METHODE INTENSIVE: Broché : 978-2-09-886035-3: 1998: Rosalie Gomez ...

Kent Science Park Karte - Sittingbourne, England - Mapcarta

Kent Science Park Management Suite Popjak Road, Sittingbourne ☎ +44 1795 411500. kentsciencepark.com; Überblick: Karte: Satellit: Routenplaner: Überblick: Karte: Satellit: Routenplaner: London Hotels. Reisedaten. Gäste. Search. Finden Sie Ihr ideales Hotel in London. Bemerkenswerte Orte in der Nähe. Saint Michaels . Kirche. Saint Michaels liegt 2 Meilen nördlich von Kent Science Park ...

Isaac Woungang Pervasive Computing and Networking

This book presents state-of-the-art research on architectures, algorithms, protocols and applications in pervasive computing and networks With the widespread availability of wireless and mobile networking technologies and the expected convergence of ubiquitous computing with these emerging technologies in the near future, pervasive computing and networking research and applications are among the hot topics on the agenda of researchers working on the next generation of mobile communications and networks. This book provides a comprehensive guide to selected topics, both ongoing and emerging, in pervasive computing and networking. It contains contributions from high profile researchers and is edited by leading experts in this field. The main topics covered in the book include pervasive computing and systems, pervasive networking security, and pervasive networking and communication. Key Features: Discusses existing and emerging communications and computing models, design architectures, mobile and pervasive wireless applications, technology and research challenges in pervasive computing systems, networking and communications Provides detailed discussions of key research challenges and open research issues in the field of autonomic computing and networking Offers information on existing experimental studies including case studies, implementation test-beds in industry and academia Includes a set of PowerPoint slides for each chapter for instructors adopting it as a textbook Pervasive Computing and Networking will be an ideal reference for practitioners and researchers working in the areas of communication networking and pervasive computing and networking. It also serves as an excellent textbook for graduate and senior undergraduate courses in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, and information engineering and science.

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Брайан Герберт Speaking of the Fantastic III

Darrell Schweitzer interviews seventeen science fiction writers. Included are scintillating conversations with: George R. R. Martin, James Morrow, Jack Dann, Geoffrey A. Landis, Joe W. Haldeman, Zoran Zivkovic, Esther M. Friesner, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Harry Turtledove, Gregory Frost, Tom Purdom, D. G. Compton, Robert J. Sawyer, Charles Stross, Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, and Howard Waldrop.

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Yosef Cohen Statistics and Data with R

R, an Open Source software, has become the de facto statistical computing environment. It has an excellent collection of data manipulation and graphics capabilities. It is extensible and comes with a large number of packages that allow statistical analysis at all levels – from simple to advanced – and in numerous fields including Medicine, Genetics, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Social Sciences and much more. The software is maintained and developed by academicians and professionals and as such, is continuously evolving and up to date. Statistics and Data with R presents an accessible guide to data manipulations, statistical analysis and graphics using R. Assuming no previous knowledge of statistics or R, the book includes: A comprehensive introduction to the R language. An integrated approach to importing and preparing data for analysis, exploring and analyzing the data, and presenting results. Over 300 examples, including detailed explanations of the R scripts used throughout. Over 100 moderately large data sets from disciplines ranging from Biology, Ecology and Environmental Science to Medicine, Law, Military and Social Sciences. A parallel discussion of analyses with the normal density, proportions (binomial), counts (Poisson) and bootstrap methods. Two extensive indexes that include references to every R function (and its arguments and packages used in the book) and to every introduced concept.

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Группа авторов Communities of Computing

Communities of Computing is the first book-length history of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), founded in 1947 and with a membership today of 100,000 worldwide. It profiles ACM's notable SIGs, active chapters, and individual members, setting ACM's history into a rich social and political context. The book's 12 core chapters are organized into three thematic sections. «Defining the Discipline» examines the 1960s and 1970s when the field of computer science was taking form at the National Science Foundation, Stanford University, and through ACM's notable efforts in education and curriculum standards. «Broadening the Profession» looks outward into the wider society as ACM engaged with social and political issues – and as members struggled with balancing a focus on scientific issues and awareness of the wider world. Chapters examine the social turbulence surrounding the Vietnam War, debates about the women's movement, efforts for computing and community education, and international issues including professionalization and the Cold War. «Expanding Research Frontiers» profiles three areas of research activity where ACM members and ACM itself shaped notable advances in computing, including computer graphics, computer security, and hypertext. Featuring insightful profiles of notable ACM leaders, such as Edmund Berkeley, George Forsythe, Jean Sammet, Peter Denning, and Kelly Gotlieb, and honest assessments of controversial episodes, the volume deals with compelling and complex issues involving ACM and computing. It is not a narrow organizational history of ACM committees and SIGS, although much information about them is given. All chapters are original works of research. Many chapters draw on archival records of ACM's headquarters, ACM SIGs, and ACM leaders. This volume makes a permanent contribution to documenting the history of ACM and understanding its central role in the history of computing.

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William Aspray Computing and the National Science Foundation, 1950-2016

This organizational history relates the role of the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the development of modern computing. Drawing upon new and existing oral histories, extensive use of NSF documents, and the experience of two of the authors as senior managers, this book describes how NSF’s programmatic activities originated and evolved to become the primary source of funding for fundamental research in computing and information technologies. The book traces how NSF's support has provided facilities and education for computing usage by all scientific disciplines, aided in institution and professional community building, supported fundamental research in computer science and allied disciplines, and led the efforts to broaden participation in computing by all segments of society. Today, the research and infrastructure facilitated by NSF computing programs are significant economic drivers of American society and industry. For example, NSF supported work that led to the first widely-used web browser, Netscape; sponsored the creation of algorithms at the core of the Google search engine; facilitated the growth of the public Internet; and funded research on the scientific basis for countless other applications and technologies. NSF has advanced the development of human capital and ideas for future advances in computing and its applications. This account is the first comprehensive coverage of NSF's role in the extraordinary growth and expansion of modern computing and its use. It will appeal to historians of computing, policy makers and leaders in government and academia, and individuals interested in the history and development of computing and the NSF.

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Sandor Imre Quantum Computing and Communications

Quantum computers will revolutionize the way telecommunications networks function. Quantum computing holds the promise of solving problems that would be intractable with conventional computers by implementing principles from quantum physics in the development of computer hardware, software and communications equipment. Quantum-assisted computing will be the first step towards full quantum systems, and will cause immense disruption of our traditional networks. The world’s biggest manufacturers are investing large amounts of resources to develop crucial quantum-assisted circuits and devices. Quantum Computing and Communications: Gives an overview of basic quantum computing algorithms and their enhanced versions such as efficient database searching, counting and phase estimation. Introduces quantum-assisted solutions for telecom problems including multi-user detection in mobile systems, routing in IP based networks, and secure ciphering key distribution. Includes an accompanying website featuring exercises (with solution manual) and sample algorithms from the classical telecom world, corresponding quantum-based solutions, bridging the gap between pure theory and engineering practice. This book provides telecommunications engineers, as well as graduate students and researchers in the fields of computer science and telecommunications, with a wide overview of quantum computing & communications and a wealth of essential, practical information.

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Группа авторов The R Book

The high-level language of R is recognized as one of the most powerful and flexible statistical software environments, and is rapidly becoming the standard setting for quantitative analysis, statistics and graphics. R provides free access to unrivalled coverage and cutting-edge applications, enabling the user to apply numerous statistical methods ranging from simple regression to time series or multivariate analysis. Building on the success of the author’s bestselling Statistics: An Introduction using R, The R Book is packed with worked examples, providing an all inclusive guide to R, ideal for novice and more accomplished users alike. The book assumes no background in statistics or computing and introduces the advantages of the R environment, detailing its applications in a wide range of disciplines. Provides the first comprehensive reference manual for the R language, including practical guidance and full coverage of the graphics facilities. Introduces all the statistical models covered by R, beginning with simple classical tests such as chi-square and t-test. Proceeds to examine more advance methods, from regression and analysis of variance, through to generalized linear models, generalized mixed models, time series, spatial statistics, multivariate statistics and much more. The R Book is aimed at undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals in science, engineering and medicine. It is also ideal for students and professionals in statistics, economics, geography and the social sciences.

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Mark Gardener Beginning R. The Statistical Programming Language

Conquer the complexities of this open source statistical language R is fast becoming the de facto standard for statistical computing and analysis in science, business, engineering, and related fields. This book examines this complex language using simple statistical examples, showing how R operates in a user-friendly context. Both students and workers in fields that require extensive statistical analysis will find this book helpful as they learn to use R for simple summary statistics, hypothesis testing, creating graphs, regression, and much more. It covers formula notation, complex statistics, manipulating data and extracting components, and rudimentary programming. R, the open source statistical language increasingly used to handle statistics and produces publication-quality graphs, is notoriously complex This book makes R easier to understand through the use of simple statistical examples, teaching the necessary elements in the context in which R is actually used Covers getting started with R and using it for simple summary statistics, hypothesis testing, and graphs Shows how to use R for formula notation, complex statistics, manipulating data, extracting components, and regression Provides beginning programming instruction for those who want to write their own scripts Beginning R offers anyone who needs to perform statistical analysis the information necessary to use R with confidence.

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Guy Bunker Delivering Utility Computing

Learn how to design and deploy utility computing systems to save costs and improve the value that IT delivers. The economic downturn that occurred after the .com boom and bust has put the cost of IT in the spotlight. By following the principles of utility computing, also known as on-demand computing, real-time infrastructure, or adaptive enterprise, businesses can improve the IT services they offer, whilst reducing costs and improving agility. Delivering Utility Computing proposes and documents a methodology for delivering utility computing, and provides detailed advice on its principles and benefits. The authors describe a complete and step-by-step process for adapting to a utility computing system, based on proven methodology. Delivering Utility Computing: Provides a comprehensive description of the utility model, offering guidance on design, deployment and maintenance issues, and a strong section on service level agreements (SLAs). Explains in detail how to improve efficiencies and achieve cost reduction in the IT department. Adopts a thorough approach, taking into account current baselines, phasing, task involved, success factors and best practice principles. Presents a method rooted in theory, yet broad-based and practical, illustrated throughout with examples and real-world case studies. This invaluable text provides CIOs, CFOs, system administrators, IT policy makers and professionals looking to develop utility computing practices in their organizations, as well as researchers in computer science, statisticians, engineers, and graduate students, with an in-depth understanding of the concepts and practicalities of utility computing.

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Группа авторов Parallel Computing for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Discover how to streamline complex bioinformatics applications with parallel computing This publication enables readers to handle more complex bioinformatics applications and larger and richer data sets. As the editor clearly shows, using powerful parallel computing tools can lead to significant breakthroughs in deciphering genomes, understanding genetic disease, designing customized drug therapies, and understanding evolution. A broad range of bioinformatics applications is covered with demonstrations on how each one can be parallelized to improve performance and gain faster rates of computation. Current parallel computing techniques and technologies are examined, including distributed computing and grid computing. Readers are provided with a mixture of algorithms, experiments, and simulations that provide not only qualitative but also quantitative insights into the dynamic field of bioinformatics. Parallel Computing for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology is a contributed work that serves as a repository of case studies, collectively demonstrating how parallel computing streamlines difficult problems in bioinformatics and produces better results. Each of the chapters is authored by an established expert in the field and carefully edited to ensure a consistent approach and high standard throughout the publication. The work is organized into five parts: * Algorithms and models * Sequence analysis and microarrays * Phylogenetics * Protein folding * Platforms and enabling technologies Researchers, educators, and students in the field of bioinformatics will discover how high-performance computing can enable them to handle more complex data sets, gain deeper insights, and make new discoveries.

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